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If you've done any research at all, you definitely know how expensive professional photographers can be. One of my goals is to provide my customers with quality, personal and professional photos at an affordable price. I am a full time art teacher but my passion

is photography! I shot my first wedding in 1995. Back in the film days... now I am shooting with a Canon 5D Mark II. I use Photoshop editing software on a Mac. It’s such a blast! Somedays I get lost in editing. I love to shoot on location at creative places. I live in Danville, IN, but I am willing to travel to surrounding areas. If you don't have a particular spot in mind, I have plenty of great location ideas.  Thanks for taking a moment to learn about me and my style. Please check out my albums and send me an email if you want to set up a photo session or have any questions! Blessings...

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8922 Haverstick Rd

Indianapolis, IN 46240

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or call - 317-694-8160

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Below are people you may see at your session, wedding, and or event. If need be, he is a second photographer at your event as well!

My husband, Jason, helps with the business side of Snap Image... Although, his regular job is a full time minister. But feel free, if you need a quote or something out of the ordinary - shoot him an email @:

Below is my sweet Savannah Smith... she is my very capable assistant on the job. She is very good at keeping me organized  - making sure I don’t miss essential shots! She also takes care of equipment and paperwork so I can just focus on taking pictures! It takes all our talents to make your session a success.